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Steel Drums – A Caribbean Legacy

The Exodus Steel Orchestra
Practicing for one of their annual panorama competitions in 2006 on the island of Trinidad (more…)


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Ming Dynasty Art

Title: Wanluan Thatched Hall (婉娈草堂图)
Artist: Dong Quichang (董其昌)
Created in 1597 during the Ming Dynasty


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Street Art

When I was young, I had the luxury of a small concrete driveway and some sidewalk chalk.  I would make all kinds of masterpieces (at least that’s what I called them) that generally consisted of nothing more than a few stick figures.  I was generally under the impression that not much could be done with chalk.  This impression stuck with me until I saw the work of Julian Beever.  This extraordinary artist takes chalk to a whole new level.  I have shared three of his works below, but I encourage you to look at his website (Reference 1) and see the rest of his work.

Title: Make Poverty History
Artist: Julian Beaver
Created in the Edinburgh City Centre (more…)

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Perhaps one of the greatest things to emerge from an era filled with war and poverty like the Early Modern era is Jazz music.  Louis Armstrong was a Jazz musician during the Early Modern era who truly left his mark in musical history.  Born on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans Louisiana, he became an influential voice for Jazz musicians everywhere.  One of his most popular works, which actually was not recorded during the Early Modern era was “What a Wonderful World.”  This hit was recorded in 1967 but was not released until January 1, 1968.  To enjoy hearing one of his most recognizable songs, please check out the video below.

Performing Artist: Louis Armstrong
Writers: Bob Thiele and George David Weiss
Title of Work: What a Wonderful World
Recorded as a single in 1967 and released January 1, 1968 (more…)

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